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Massage Treatment and its benefits


Massages can be a great way to relieve tension built up in your body, as well as take a moment to relax. When choosing what type of massage treatment to get, you can easily be inundated with choices. Here are three types of massages and their benefits:

1. Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are very popular and denote a supreme level of relaxation. With this massage, heated stones are specifically and strategically placed on different areas of your body. To promote healing, the stones can be placed on your feet, palms, stomach, face, chest, and most popularly, along your spine.  

The benefits of hot stone massage are plentiful. This style of massage helps to deliberately relieve muscle tension and pain in different areas of your body. The hot stones help to increase the blood flow to the area where the stone is applied and in turn, can help reduce muscle spasms and increase range of motion.  

2. Thai Massage

Thai massage uses ancient healing practices from India and uses it to help ease the body. With Thai massage, the masseuse uses gentle pressure in conjunction with stretching techniques, resulting in an overall relaxed mind and body. This type of massage is more interactive and traditionally, the client will lay on the floor and interact with the masseuse.  

One of the more exciting benefits of Thai massage is the fact that they can relieve headaches. An aspect of Thai massage called “Court-type” utilities pressure to different energy channels on your body and in result, is effective for those who suffer from chronic tension headaches. Thai massages can be very beneficial for athletes, as well. With the light stretching that is involved during the massage, this can help to treat sport-related injuries as well as increase range of motion.  

3. Swedish Massage

During Swedish massages, there are many different ways to encourage relaxation. Swedish massages encompass many different techniques that benefit the body as whole. Through this type of massage, pressure is deliberately applied to areas like the back, hands, and palms. There are several different hand methods that masseuses use in regards to Swedish massage like, kneading, tapping, and stretching.  

Swedish massage is a unique type of massage that promotes many benefits. One benefit is that it is considered a complementary alternative to medicine. It is not medicine-based, but it proves to be very beneficial when working in conjunction with prescribed medications. This is a holistic approach to getting patients back on the road to health. Alongside that, it is also optimal of decreasing stress and pain relief. With the deliberate patterns of touch and pressure, it helps to relieve tension stored in the body and keep the mind at ease.