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Cupping Therapy Near Me: How it Can Help Reduce Stress and Promote Healing

Cupping Therapy Near Me

Throughout history, societies have employed various methods to treat, heal, and promote well-being among their people. One of the methods that was widely used by different cultures for health and wellness is cupping. And it didn’t disappear after modern times came around. 

In fact, it is still being used today for pain relief and musculoskeletal injuries such as strains, sprains, back injuries, or inflammation. US Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps and various NBA players use this method as a way for their bodies to recover from intense training and competition. And you can be sure that cupping massage in Los Angeles

If you haven’t heard of this method yet, read on to find out what it is and what the benefits of this massage are.

What is cupping?

Cupping is a health and wellness method that makes use of glass cups that apply suction to the skin in combination with a heat source. As the heat source in the cup applied to the skin is extinguished, it creates a vacuum effect that results in a mound of flesh swelling inside the cup as it is pressurized.

The more visible effect is on the mound of flesh swelling inside the cup and the bruising it leaves after the cup is removed after three minutes or so. The swelling and reddening of the skin are due to the blood vessels expanding.

The swelling and bruising may be unnerving for some especially if it is their first time trying cupping. No need to worry as it is generally safe and painless; at most, you will feel some discomfort. As for the visible marks, well, those red, circular marks wil gol away on their own after a few days to a little over a week. 

On rare occasions that these marks lead to an infection, they are easily treated with antibiotics.

What are Cupping Therapy Benefits?

Cupping promotes increased wellbeing, encourages healing, and reduces pain. That’s because the general effect of it is that it promotes blood circulation in the area where the cups are applied. This in turn may relieve muscle tension, improve overall blood flow, increase pain threshold, reduce inflammation, and cell repair.  

Aside from its biological effect, some traditional societies believe it facilitates the flow of Qi or life force in a person’s body. Through cupping, the body’s yin and yang or its negative and positive life force achieve balance, thus promoting good health and wellbeing.

But recent studies have shown that more than just a way to relieve pain and muscl tension, it can also help with stress and various illnesses.

How does cupping massage help with stress?

When we find ourselves overwhelmed with work or family responsibilities, we feel the tension and anxiety building up in our neck and shoulders. They feel taut and tight, and we often find ourselves Googling “massage spa in Santa Monica CA” just for a way to reduce the tension and tightness in our bodies.

Cupping massage is a good complementary approach to reducing stress in our lives. Relevant literature on the mechanism of action of this massage indicates that relaxation and comfort are induced in our bodies thanks to this method. This state of relaxation and comfort sends signals to our brain that in turn bring relief from physical ailments and discomfort.

Also, since you get better circulation thanks to cupping, there is more blood flowing to and from the area which then helps relieve muscle tension and tightness. Our level of stress is thus reduced and we feel looser and more relaxed. 

And of course, aside from you getting better blood flow, this massage also helps your body flush out toxins that have accumulated in our system. Its ability to get rid of the toxins inside us complements the work of our lymphatic system in eliminating the waste generated by our body.

How does cupping massage help me deal with various illnesses? 

Cupping massage or therapy is a good complementary therapy to the usual way we treat common illnesses. Studies show that common medical conditions that can be addressed by cupping massage include headache, migraine, cough, common cold, blood pressure, and arthritis.

The build-up of fluid in our lungs caused by bronchitis or asthma can also be relieved by utilizing cupping massage. The massage attracts oxygen-rich blood to the lungs. This breaks up any stuck or accumulated phlegm, getting rid of the congestion. Cupping massage may be applied to the back or to the chest to help you get relief.

Cupping massage may also contribute to healing scars and stretch marks according to studies. And it’s not just in the areas of our skin where the cups are placed but even in the nearby surrounding areas. Again, it’s because the cupping method will remove toxins, excess fluid or edemahelp and restore lymphatic circulation.

Other medical conditions that is treated with Cupping Therapy Benefits include the following: blood disorders, rheumatic diseases, fertility and gynecological disorders, skin problems, varicose veins, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even allergies.

Is cupping massage for me?

You might be wondering if you need cupping massage or if you’ll even benefit from it. Well, you’d be glad to know that cupping massage is a good complementary therapy if you have an existing treatment plan. But don’t go Googling “cupping massage near me” all at once. It is still best to consult with your doctor if you are already undergoing treatment for any medical condition. That way, you’d know if the cupping massage therapy can actually help you.

Also, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional, because you never know, there might actually be reasons why you shouldn’t undergo a cupping massage.

If you do not have a medical condition but would like to try Cupping Therapy Near Me to reduce stress and promote healing, then talk to a trained therapist to get the information on Cupping Therapy Benefits. That’s especially if you’re one of those who haven’t tried cupping massage but are eager to experience one.

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