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What Should I Expect in my First Reflexology Visit

From time to time, you may find yourself indulging in self-care and pampering routines as a way of looking after your well-being. Nowadays, it’s easy to be caught up in the daily grind, and while it’s good that you are focused and driven in reaching your goals, it’s recommended that you take a break once in awhile. One of the most common spots that can feel easily tired may be your feet and hands as they are the most frequently used, and getting a reflexology may just be one of the best treatments it can ever have. 

If it’s your first time, we have taken the liberty to list down some of the most common things you can expect during your first time visit. So read on below and feel free to take some notes and let us help you set your expectations.

Understanding The Process of Reflexology: How Does It Work?

First things first, in order to effectively prepare for your first reflexology experience,it’s recommended to understand its process. You can inquire at your local spa, talk to an expert practitioner, talk to a friend, or someone you know who may be regularly getting one. This gives you enough time to get settled and help manage your expectations. 

As a spa that caters to overall well-being through our various massage services, to give you a brief background on our end, reflexology is a kind of massage that applies various amounts of pressure on the hands, feet, and ears. The ones who practices this are called reflexologists and they base this on a theory that the aforementioned body parts are all tied to a corresponding organ. 

It’s also important to note that reflexology is not an official substitute for a medical treatment of illnesses.

Discussion with your reflexologist

It is highly encouraged to raise any questions or concerns to your reflexologist prior to and during your session. Be transparent about your ailments so that your reflexologist will know what to target during your session. For instance, if you are experiencing frequent migraine, this will guide your reflexologist to apply the pressure on the areas connected to your head, which is why it’s important to have an open and honest conversation with them. To help ease you, your reflexologist will also be transparent with you on what to expect during your session so that you can prepare an set your expectations.

Attending your very first session

This is what you can expect on your very first reflexology session. Your attending reflexologist will ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. There may be instances when you might feel some discomfort; this is normal and you can tell to your attending practitioner. They may help alleviate it in case it becomes too much for your tolerance, and at the same time, they can also explain why such sensations occur.

Depending on your preferences, they may arrange to set the mood for relaxation by lighting candles, using essential oils, or playing a relaxing instrumental music. Your comfort is important to us and should you ever fall asleep in the midst of your session, don’t fret! It’s part of the relaxation process.

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