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Why You Should Give Aromatherapy a Try

Feeling worn out and tired? After a long day at work or running some personal errand, do you ever feel like you just want to kick off your shoes, jump onto your soft, plush bed, and get that much-needed rest and relaxation time for yourself?  Say for example, like a soothing full body massage that will release all of those pent-up tensions that are getting your muscles knotted? Does that sound enticing enough for you?

 If so, then you have definitely stumbled on the right corner of the internet!

As a massage studio that takes pride in holistic and therapeutic services, we’re here to give you some of the best reasons why you should give aromatherapy a try.

First things first though – what exactly is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy pertains to the use of all-natural ingredients (e.g. plant extracts) that aims to promote overall healthy well-being, targeting the mind, body, and soul. Plant extracts are turned into essential oils, which are very popular items in aromatherapy. It can be used through inhalation or by merely applying it to your skin that may be in distress.

Aromatherapy offers a lot of benefits that can’t go amiss! As promised earlier, here are some of the best reasons why you should not miss out on this holistic, all-natural treatment!

Aromatherapy is a versatile treatment.

Aromatherapy comes in a variety of forms. As we have briefly mentioned earlier, essential oils are the most popular type and they can be used for both inhalation and topical applications. Each essential oil scent has a corresponding target, like lavender for instance; it is known to promote calmness and relieve stress. Tea tree oil enhances skin, nail, and hair conditions.

As exciting it may be to use them, if you are a first time user, there are some very important notes to keep in mind: 

  • Essential oils must NEVER be ingested. Even if they contain natural ingredients, there are already chemical components that may be hazardous. This is not recommended as it may damage the crucial parts of your organs such as your kidneys and liver.
  • DO NOT APPLY the concentrated oil over your skin. Make sure to dilute it with a milder ingredient as instructed. 

Aromatherapy is a 3-in-1 treatment that will leave your entire well-being recharged than ever.

We’ve probably been saying this countless times already, but aromatherapy is your go-to holistic treatment that will not only alleviate physical pain but as well as those inner pains felt within. 

It’s important to keep in mind though that aromatherapy does not have any scientific research proven claim that they can cure certain diseases and ailments. It’s not to be confused as the actual medicine, but aromatherapy is highly encouraged to be used as a supplemental treatment for existing medication, with the advice of your physician, of course.

Aromatherapy can improve your quality of life.

This especially applies to those who may have or are prone to chronic health conditions such as stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. With the advice and recommendation of a doctor, the use of aromatherapy can help bring some easiness and moments of comfort for the said patients.

Bask in a one-of-a-kind relaxation with Mend Me Massage’s Aromatherapy service in Santa Monica, CA

We understand how busy the daily grind can be. Sometimes, we work a little too hard that it can burn us out a little. We at Mend Me Massage urge you to take a little bit of a break, even for one whole day where you can reconnect with your senses and recenter your thoughts. Our CalmMe Aromatherapy comes in high recommendation where you can get to be in a whole new state of relaxation for at least 60 minutes, and should you feel like you need more time, you can stay in for as long as 120 minutes!

We would be very much happy to welcome you to our studio! Book a schedule with us now and we’ll mend the tired soul in you without a doubt. Mend Me Massage is here to take care of your holistic well-being.