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Hot Stone Massages Explained

Difference Between Hot Stone Massage and Other Types of Massages

There are various types of massages available to suit your preferences and needs such as a Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu massage, Thai massage, and hot stone massage among others. Hot stone massage is a type of massage where in hot stones are placed in the different parts of your body to relax the client and alleviate the stress and other conditions that are pent up in the system. Swedish massage, on the other hand, is massage which is ideal for beginners as it uses gentle kneading and tapping motions to the body. As opposed to Swedish massage which is gentle to the touch, deep tissue massage applies more pressure when done by a massage therapist. This type of massage is best for soreness or any muscle problem. Shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage that is used for the whole body using pulsing pressure. Thai massage is another whole-body massage that uses movements that are can be associated with stretching done during yoga sessions.  

A Step-By-Step Guide to a Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot stone massage therapy uses the heat from the stones strategically placed in areas of your body to soothe the muscle tension in these areas. Upon lying down once you enter the massage room, the massage therapist will line stones which are of different sizes and of varying heated temperatures on your body, which is covered by a linen cloth. Using a light coat from one of the many massage oils at hand, your face will be massaged and small sized massage stones will be placed on forehead, cheeks, and under your lip. Each of your legs will then be massaged using oil and an appropriately sized massage stone. After your legs, your arms will then be also massaged with oil using the massage stones. A massage stone will then be placed on your palm. You will then turn over after the therapist removes the stones placed on your body. The therapist will then proceed to massage your back on your acupuncture points using a hot stone. Hot stone will then also be placed on your shoulders and lower back, as well as your palms. Massage stones will also be placed on your buttocks area, caves, and back of the knees. After which, the shoulders, the neck, and the scalp will be massaged as well. Finally, using fingertips, the therapist will do a once over to the legs and back area after removing the stones. 

How Hot Stone Massage Benefits the Mind and Body

Hot stone massage is a way to relieve the mind and body of the stresses of the day. It promotes better blood circulation and relaxation. The heat from the hot stones also relieves chronic pain. Having trouble sleeping? Hot stone massage can also help you with your sleeping problems. With better sleep, your immune system is surely given a huge boost. As hot stone massage helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and the like, it can also be of help in reducing the symptoms which causes cancer. 

Things To Do During and After A Hot Stone Massage

It is important to also prepare for your hot stone massage so you are able to get the full benefits that this massage has to offer. Before going to your hot stone massage appointment, it is recommended that you should not eat prior as it may affect your body during the massage. If you do not feel comfortable with the heat of the stones, or if the pressure applied to your body is not to your liking, do not hesitate to let your massage therapist know of your condition. Always remember to drink a lot of water prior and after the massage.  

The Excellent Destination to Book Your Hot Stone Massage   

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