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All About Pneumatic Compression and Its Benefits

What is Pneumatic Compression All About?

You may have heard of compression therapy as a way for those who are engaged in different kinds of sports activities to help them reduce the feeling of soreness that they have in their muscles after a training or work out session. There are different kinds of items that are available for use for compression therapy, such as compression stockings, compression wraps, or compression bandages. Pneumatic compression therapy goes a bit more beyond than just stockings, wraps or bandages. Pneumatic compression therapy makes use of a mechanical compression device that are in the shape of sleeves or a blood pressure cuff made for the length of your limbs. This device is then programmed so that compressions in pulses are being done to the targeted area in a sequential manner. To know more about pneumatic compression therapy, Mend Me Massage Studio offers this kind of therapy among the roster of services that they have. Check out their website for more information about pneumatic compression.    

Benefits of Pneumatic Compression 

There are a lot of positive effects that you can get out of pneumatic compression. If you have been working out a lot, or if you are an athlete recovering from a hard training session, or you simply are experiencing aches in your muscles, then compression therapy is the way to go for you. Some of the benefits of pneumatic compression is pain relief in your muscles. Through pneumatic compression, your muscles will also be able to recover at a speedy rate. It can also help you reduce the inflammation and swelling that you are experiencing, as well as in the prevention of soreness in your muscles. Through pneumatic compression, the fatigue that you are feeling in your muscles can also be significantly lessened. Other benefits of pneumatic compression are vein problem management and blood clot prevention post-surgery. Your body will also thank you for taking on pneumatic compression, as it can help increase your athletic performance through the improvement of your body’s flexibility. Pneumatic compression can also help you in making your leg circulation a lot better. It can also remove wastes that are in your lymphatic system. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Mend Me Massage Studio website for more information about pneumatic compression, its benefits, and the therapy rates that they offer. Book a session with them today! 

What Kind of Health Conditions Can Be Treated with Compression Therapy?

Besides the aches and pains that you feel in your muscles after a strenuous day of training, compression therapy has been recommended in the medical field as a treatment for various health conditions such as for those who are suffering with severe lymphatic or venous diseases. The use of pneumatic compression devices on the specific body part that is targeted can help in the reduction of the swelling that is being experienced there. However, before you decide on availing the aid of pneumatic compression devices, you must first consult with your doctor to be given the go signal for usage. This is so that you may be properly informed on whether or not pneumatic compression is the proper remedy for your ailment. If so, you must also be made well aware of how often you are allowed to use this treatment, and for what specific length of time is proper for you to use the device. Learn more about pneumatic compression and if this is recommended for you at Mend Me Massage Studio. 

Is Pneumatic Compression Safe and Effective?

Absolutely! The use of pneumatic compression devices is recommended in improving the functions of your body. At Mend Me Massage Studio, they offer pneumatic compression which is available for a thirty-minute session. Know more about the services that they offer at Mend Me Massage Studio by visiting their website or reaching out to them through the contact information indicated. 

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